Monday, 24 October 2016

Why a Puckababy®?

Swaddling is back in style. Partly because of the Puckababy, which conquered the market in no time with the help of spontaneous advertising by relieved parents. Sleeping in a Puckababy is a world away from regular swaddling, and is also presented as an alternative for the tight swaddling. Still it is known popularly by the same name. Unfortunately, there is no certification for swaddling products. After the success of the Puckababy a lot of different swaddling products have hit the market. Usually tighter and cheaply executed. Price is put before safety in those cases. The Puckababy excels in many ways, when it comes to safety and ease of use. And that is why it was presented with the Baby Innovation Award.†Read here how ingenious the patented Puckababy swaddling sleeping bags are. And what makes the Puckababy the best choice for your child.

Swaddling has been out of style for a long time. Because of the risks that came with the heat accumulation and the disrupted development of the hips. It is exactly for these reasons that the Puckababy was designed. Children did crave restriction. But regular swaddling was just so uncomfortable for the parents and the children, literally and figuratively. Parents and doctors had instant faith in the functionality of this lovely little cocoon, and started using it. Successfully! By now, countless babies all around the world are sleeping in the Puckababy: more spacious and lighter, without the risks that came with the tight swaddling!

No heat accumulation

Your child can get overheated in the night. With regular swaddling this chance is even higher. Because a baby with his arms swaddled tightly will keep himself many times warmer than usual. The risk of overheating does not come from swaddling itself, but from the way of swaddling, the material of the clothing and the textile of the bed. Nevertheless, tight swaddling is controversial. The Puckababy® on the other hand has passed TUV TOG tests with flying colours, and has been pronounced the most airy way of swaddling!

In the first place this is because of the (patented) design. The Puckababy is not tight, but fits around the baby like an airy cocoon. The air can circulate in the extra space on the inside, so the temperature regulates itself better.

There is also the fact that the Puckababy's are made of the best breathable materials. Cooling during the summer, and warming during the winter months. There is even a special summer edition made of Tencel.

Healthy development of the body

If swaddling is not done in the right way, it comes with risks. There is a lot of written material available all around the world, especially about the risk of insufficient development of the hip joint, hip dysplasia. If the babyís legs cannot bend and stretch enough, there is the risk that the child will develop hip dysplasia. The Puckababy does not have this risk! Because the Puckababy fits around the babyís body like an airy cocoon, and does not pinch anyway. Your child can move his little arms and legs freely on the inside of the sleeping bag. The development of your babyís body is not hindered in any way.

Mex cried a lot, but he could not be swaddled because of the breech birth. Luckily the pediatrician pointed us to the Puckababy Mini, that was a good option!

Everyone can do it

Complicated swaddling techniques or swaddling products get in the way of the babyís safety. This increases the chance that it will be used the wrong way. The Puckababy is so easy to use, that everyone can do it. And that is important; because sometimes other people take care of your child. They have to be able to put your child to bed in that same trusted way, without problems.

On the inside of the Puckababy Piep there is an elastic belt and the Mini has a jacket on the inside. These ensure extra safety; it keeps your baby in place and keeps him from sinking into the sleeping bag. The next step is closing the zipper and making the sleeping bag smaller by tying the string in a bow under the feet. If you make the sleeping bag the right size, your baby cannot pull the fabric up over his mouth. You will also limit the chance that heíll roll over.

A safe fit

A general guideline for safe swaddling is that the child has to be covered from the shoulders to the feet, with the bottom securely closed. The fabric can fit a little more closely at the shoulders and arms, but at the hips there has to be plenty of space left over, for a healthy development of the hips. Aside from that, your child has to be able to lie in the frog position or with his legs stretched out. The Puckababy meets this requirement perfectly as well, with as most important benefit: itís not tight anywhere and itís very easy to use!

The best materials

Your child spends quite a lot of hours sleeping. But remember that your babyís skin is not fully developed yet. Because the skin is so sensitive and vulnerable, it needs extra care and attention. Especially when the little one is sleeping! Aside from the dermal contact there is also the contact with the mouth. Because of the need to suck and the hand/mouth contact, your baby may mouth at the fabric every now and then. This is also a way your little darling could ingest hazardous substances!

√ñKO-TEX¬Æ 100 is the ecolabel in the world when it comes to testing textiles, and is divided into 4 classes. The general rule is that the more intense the dermal contact is, the more the skin needs to be protected from hazardous substances. Centexbel has fully certified all Puckababy¬Æ products with √ñKO-TEX¬Æ 100 Class 1, under number 1302005. This is the highest class with the strictest safety requirements applying to babies younger than 3 years old. This certification doesnít just apply to the fabrics, but also the prints, the thread, the zippers, etc.

There are hardly any other manufacturers who have their materials tested so extensively. Because this is expensive, and it does not fit their price positioning. The cost is then more important than safety. It might be redundant to say it again: all Puckababy products have been tested according to the safety requirements, and they are completely free of hazardous substances that could damage your childís health!

Easy phasing out

It is safer to stop swaddling your child when heís 6 months old. Because the Puckababy is more airy than any other method, this is usually very easy. The Mini for babies of†3 - 6 months old is deliberately a bit looser than Piep. Your child will still get the restriction he needs, but will also start getting used to having more space. This will make the step towards sleeping without swaddling smaller, which will enable you to unswaddle your child in time. The little zippers on the sleeves are very practical for this purpose too.