Monday, 10 October 2016

What is swaddling?

Swaddling has been done in all ages and all cultures. It’s when the baby is wrapped tightly in cloths. Swaddling stops the baby from making uncontrolled movements. This will allow the little body to rest.

Swaddling has been ‘out of style’ for years. But by now it has been entirely ‘reborn’, out of necessity. Because the babies’ sleeping and drinking patterns became more and more irregular. Through swaddling, babies found rest and rhythm again.

Swaddling is literally meant to restrict the baby. To restrict restless movements, that make it hard for him to relax and sleep for a longer time. These days, there are different kinds of swaddling; traditional and tight, but also modern and more airy!!! 

Our world is busy, very busy... That is why our little ones are subjected to a lot of impressions every day. When it’s sleep time, a lot of babies have trouble surrendering to this and falling asleep. They prefer to stay close to mama, warm and familiar. Swaddling imitates that feeling of warmth and safety. Recognition and familiarity are comforting.

Furthermore, all of those impressions are processed while babies are sleeping. That can also be difficult. When children are 4 or 5 weeks old,  this unrest usually peaks. In those cases a baby often has naps, only to wake up with a start. A baby can also be hindered by flailing arms, unconsciously hitting himself in his sleep.

Swaddling offers a solution to this; the baby needs restriction.

Swaddling comforts the baby. It feels soft and warm; it reminds him of that time in mama’s belly. Because the arms are on the inside of the sleeping bag, the baby can no longer hit himself awake. The restriction allows the baby to relax more quickly, and then sleep longer and deeper. A deep sleep helps him process impressions and soothe colic. Your baby can have an undisturbed sleep, and wake up all by himself. Because of the simple but amazing effect of swaddling, the child will sleep well and wake up rested. The baby will be content, and the normal rhythm will be back.

I was advised to start swaddling, but the thought was unpleasant. I didn’t feel that way about the adorable little Puckababy cocoon. And most importantly, it works, truly wonderful!

How to swaddle?

Are you planning to swaddle your child? Choose a way that fits you and your baby. Your mother instincts will also help the swaddling succeed! If you are feeling secure and calm, this will transfer to your baby.

With traditional swaddling, the baby is wrapped tightly in cloths. It’s quite a big step, it’s less easy to phase out, and you should pay extra attention to heat accumulation, pinching and erroneous use.

Does traditional swaddling go too far for you, or do you have doubts about swaddling to begin with? In that case the Puckababy is a fantastic alternative; the Puckababy is a modern answer to the swaddling of old. A mild form of restriction, that doesn’t just appeal more to the modern parent, but also to doctors. The deserved winner of the Baby Innovation Award!

“With the Puckababy we finally have a safe solution to tight swaddling, which we have discouraged to parents so far”, said the jury of the Baby Innovation Award

The Puckababy is a mild alternative; a lovely little cocoon that does give your baby the restriction he needs, but is not too tight and also regulates heat.

The Puckababy is very easy to use. You can’t get it wrong! It’s loose at the hips and around the arms, so that your baby has more free movement. The leftover space on the inside ensures air and heat regulation. Sleeping in this airy cocoon will make the step to sleeping without swaddling smaller. In addition, the little zippers in the sleeves will simplify the phase-out.