Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Warmth and protection

Not only your life has been turned on its head, your baby also has to deal with a big change. Until recently your baby was safe and warm in your belly, and now your child is wearing clothes and lying in a cradle, being passed around the room and suddenly meeting a lot of new people. Would you get scary dreams...?!

Babies have a great need of a sense of safety. When they were in your belly this was given to your child in a miraculous way. A wonderful familiar environment, warm and peaceful. That is why they often like lying close to you, to hear your breath and feel your heartbeat. But this is not possible for days on end. You also have yourself and ‘the rest of your life’ to attend to!

Our sleeping bags were designed especially for this purpose; to still offer that rest and sense of safety, without you having to constantly be there. In our sleeping bags, babies recognize that familiar warmth and sense of safety. This familiarity and security comforts them. 

Noa constantly wanted to be near me. For hours on end I walked around with her in the baby carrier. I was afraid to put her in her bed, afraid that she’d start crying. This made me so nervous. In hindsight I really handle this wrong. Babies should actually be put to bed while they’re still awake; they often start to cry because they are overtired or overstimulated! | Chantal, 29 years old, mom to Noa

Sandra from Puckababy: During the very first photo session with the Puckababy Piep, the whole photo crew couldn’t believe what they were seeing. During the wait, the 'model' was crying a lot, and at a certain point they had to be in the spotlights. The Puckababy was put on and even while the zipper was closing, the crew saw the baby relax completely. Such a beautiful thing to see. Parents often tell us that their child even starts to laugh while they are closing the zipper; for the little ones, this is a moment of recognition and familiarity; "oh good, I can go to sleep again"....!