Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The first weeks

It’s time. Your world has been turned upside down: you gave birth! We hope it was a good birth for you, and that you will recover soon. And now you are suddenly holding a baby in your arms! Wow, what a miracle. But... you are still recovering yourself. Your life is suddenly all about feeding, changing and making sure your baby rests, as well as getting to know him or her.

It’s no wonder that you sometimes feel a little insecure; after all, no one can give you a manual!

Or can they? The most important tip we can give you is: believe in yourself, listen to your instincts, give in to all your motherly feelings. Take the time to discover your baby, pay attention to body language, what is your baby trying to tell you?

Above all, accept that your life looks completely different now. Because of the arrival of your child, your old and familiar life suddenly seems very far away. You can’t just do everything that pops into your head anymore. Your child needs care and attention. This can also be scary for a while.

But then, you are extremely rich and tough now, you are mother to the most important little human in the world. Your own baby!

Enjoy this, and try to find a new rhythm together. A rhythm that shapes itself to the needs of your baby; with a lot of rest and security. You may not be able to do everything you’re used to anymore, and that can be difficult sometimes. But try to accept this and enjoy everything that you do have. You will transfer these feelings to your child. If your baby is content, you will feel much stronger yourself.