Friday, 21 October 2016

Swaddling with Puckababy®

Every parent knows how important sleep is for the development of their child. And they also know how good it is to get enough rest for themselves amidst all the commotion. But as soon as the baby is born, it turns out that this is difficult for many. Swaddling a baby is an old tradition that can go a long way towards giving your child a peaceful sleep. But the tight swaddling is quite a step for many parents. Puckababy also found it a scary thought. And it was for this reason that the Piep and the Mini were born back in the day. From the belief that there should be another way. Puckababy wants to help all of those restless sleepers, by offering restriction and extra security. But in a milder way, so that every parent dares to use it. Sleeping a Puckababy is substantially different from swaddling. Itís not as tight, itís lighter, and the results are amazing.†The Puckababy proves that swaddling no longer has to leave parents feeling all tangled up.

The Puckababy® PIEP & MINI

The Piep and Mini are the swaddling sleeping bags from Puckababy. They restrict the movements of your baby, fit perfectly at the shoulders and maintain enough space at the hips. Because of the space on the inside, air is allowed to circulate. In combination with the best materials, this ensures ideal temperature regulation.

The sleeping bag fits around the baby as a lovely, sweet cocoon and offers the security the baby needs in order to sleep well. It looks good, and itís easy to phase out.†All of this turns using the Puckababy into a smaller step for parents.

The swaddling was an obstacle for us, but it turned out more than alright. Because the Piep is so extremely practical that everyone can use it. At the crËche she can also sleep in her Puckababy!

The Piep is suitable for babies of 0 to 3 months old. The successor, the Mini, is meant for babies of 3 to 6 months old. What makes the Piep and Mini extra safe, are the elastic belt and the jacket on the inside. Meant to always keep the baby in place. Furthermore, the light pressure the Piepís elastic belt provides also soothes cramps.

The Mini has practical little zippers on the sleeves, that are very helpful while you are phasing out. And because the Mini is rather spacious, the child can wear it for a long time after the 6 months. The Mini can then be used as a regular sleeping bag.

The Mini is the logical successor of the Piep and s it is a little bigger; a logical next step towards sleeping without swaddling after 6 months. The Mini is very practical for when you are phasing out. It makes the transition from restricted movements to unlimited freedom a little smaller. This is very pleasant, especially for a restless baby. It allows the child to get used to it in little steps.

We were worried about phasing out, but in the end it was very quick. Afterwards she was still sleeping in the Mini for a few weeks, with her little arms out.

Puckababy®, a safe little cocoon

This lovely little cocoon helps your child process all of those impressions he or she has to take in daily. Because when they have trouble processing these impressions, this is expressed through uncontrolled shock movements, also called Moro-reflexes. The most bothersome are the flailing little arms, with which the baby will keep hitting himself awake. When the arms are inside the sleeping bag, your baby wonít wake himself up anymore. The restriction will help your baby find rest more quickly, so he will sleep longer and deeper. If he sleeps well, all of these impressions will find their proper place. And when your child is sleeping well, it can also handle discomforts such as colic and reflux complaints better. Furthermore, these discomforts wonít disrupt their deep sleep so much. The simple but amazing effect of this little cocoon will help your baby sleep well, and wake up entirely rested.

The Puckababy® versions

The Puckababy comes in 2 sizes; the Piep for babies of 0 to 3 months old and the Mini, for babies of 3 to 6 months old.
Warmth and sleeping securely go hand in hand. That is why the Piep and Mini come in different versions: C

OTTON | for all seasons
ORGANIC COTTON |for all seasons
TENCEL | perfect for the summer | cooling, moisture absorbing & antibacterial
TEDDY| cosy and warm for the winter | double lined, outside Teddy inside cotton

Puckababy® and warmth

Warmth is a very important aspect of safe swaddling. A baby with his arms swaddled tightly keeps himself a lot warmer than usual. The PuckababyÆ has been tested for TOG by T√úV. TOG is a name for the isolation value of textile. The lower the TOG, the lighter it will be for your child. T√úV has found the PuckababyÆ lighter than any other form of swaddling!

First and foremost this is because of the (patented) design. The Puckababy is not tight, but fits around the baby like an airy cocoon. The extra space within allows the air to circulate, so that the warmth is better regulated.

This light design is made of the best breathable materials, and has very safe TOG-values because of this; only 0.25 TOG for the summer (Tencel®), standard 0.5 TOG for the whole year (Cotton) and 2.5 TOG for the winter (Teddy).