Monday, 24 October 2016

Summer swaddling with Puckababy®

How do you safely swaddle your child during the summer months? A baby who has his arms tightly swaddled will keep himself many times warmer than usual. This can cause some worry, as it should!

Fortunately we can help these restless sleepers get their much-needed rest. The Puckababy gives aid. Because according to TÜV, the patented Puckababy Piep and Mini are more airy than every other form of swaddling! Which is actually rather logical;

The Puckababy is not tight, but fits around the baby like an airy cocoon. The extra space within allows the air to circulate, so that temperature regulates itself better. The most breathable materials were used for the Piep and Mini. The result is only 0.25 TOG for the summer edition in Tencel® and 0.5 TOG for the cotton sleeping bags.

The Piep en Mini in Tencel®, only have 0.25 TOG, and are completely ideal for swaddling during the summer! You can view Tencel® as a sort of ‘sports’ fabric, 100% natural. Tencel® is extra breathable and moisture absorbing, and it has a cooling effect. It fits around your child like a second skin, and it’s silky soft to the touch. Piep and Mini in Tencel® are cool!

Determine the safe TOG value

Because of the low isolation value of the Puckababy sleeping bags, the desired level of warmth is easy to increase or reduce. As a parent it’s always easy to respond to the temperatures of the environment and your child’s body. In these cases the Puckababy TOG overview is very practical.

1. Establish the room temperature and determine the total TOG.

2. Select the TOG value of your Puckababy in Tencel® or Cotton.

3. You now know how many layers of textile you can add, in order to let your child sleep safe and long.


TOG overviews of other Puckababy summer products:


Do you have worries, doubts, or just a question?

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