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"the only thing that works"
Lilly really can’t go without it anymore. When she’s crying and appears to be inconsolable, your cuddle toy is the only thing that works. Unfortunately it took us a couple of days to realize this! But you can’t make something like that up. Between all of those wraps and thing, why is that the one?

"without Sleepy it's a disaster!"
We have 3 of these by now. Because without Sleepy it’s a disaster! But we’re happy to pay the price. We think spares can come in handy, for when one of them is in the washing machine.

"feels good against her skin"
Beautiful product, a little bit different than your other ones. She likes how it feels against her skin.

"one for myself"
When I see how much Jorn enjoys his super-soft cuddle toy, I’d actually like one for myself too!!! Ha, ha...

"got it as a present in my maternity package"
I got it as a present in my maternity package. Very nice, and it came in handy right away. I also just ordered the Piep hier. Antje is now 4.5 weeks and suddenly she’s starting to flail her arms around while she’s sleeping. After consulting with your customer service, I decided to try the Piep. Amazing service, I’m excited!

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Soft and recognizable

Soft and recognizable

Children love to cuddle and be cuddles. So of course they need their own cuddle toy. A fabric that the little one will learn to recognize in no time. For a newborn, feeling a soft fabric against their cheek is often already enough. The lovely feeling is comforting and the familiarity is reassuring. The Sleepy is such a recognizable cuddle toy. It feels amazing against the baby’s cheek. It lets him know that he’s in bed. Where it’s time for a new sleep.


  • High level of cuddliness
  • With loop to attach the pacifier
  • Lovely present