Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Sleeping through the night

Sleep and sleeping through the night are themes that are on parents’ minds a lot. Every parent hopes their baby will sleep well. Because it is good for the baby, but also for them. `Is your baby sleeping through the night yet?’ is a question you are asked constantly as a parent. When this is not the case, it can make you feel a little insecure. You’re also feeling tired yourself, and you are probably longing for the long nights of before.

What is sleeping through the night?

Your child sleeps through the night when he sleeps from his last feeding in the evening until his first feeding early in the morning, without waking up. This is a period of about six hours. After the birth, your baby doesn’t have a 24 hour rhythm yet, and needs feeding every 3 to 4 hours. This is why it doesn’t happen often that a baby sleeps through the night right after the birth. Sleeping through the nights, it comes in small steps.

When will my baby sleep through the night?

It’s hard to say when a baby starts sleeping through the night. It really depends on the baby himself. Some babies are very quick to sleep through several hours a night, and others take years before they sleep through full nights. For most parents, the first three months are quite a challenge to find a good day and night rhythm. After 3 it will start getting better. Babies will sleep through the night more often. 

After a lot of awful nights, the pediatrician advised us to use the Piep. Janne reacted very well to this, and finally she was sleeping! We’re all so grateful and relieved.

How will my baby start sleeping longer at night?

Every baby is different and your baby will determine when he is ready to sleep longer. But you can help your baby sleep better at night. Remember, peaceful days bring peaceful nights. If your child sleeps well during the day, he will also sleep better at night.

A (swaddling) sleeping bag always helps your child sleep well

A sleeping bag that fits well makes your baby feel warm and safe. It makes the place where your baby sleeps pleasant and comforts him. Your baby will fall asleep more easily. But more importantly; a safe sleeping bag will keep your baby warm, so he will sleep deeper and longer. During the light sleep phases, your little one won’t wake up because of the cold. Is your baby a little restless, and do shock movements bother him? Then it’s possible that he’s oversensitive to impressions and processing them. In these cases you should use a special swaddling sleeping bag, like the Puckababy Piep. This mild form of swaddling will help your child if he’s bothered by restlessness and bad sleeps. The Piep’s warmth comforts your baby. The restriction offered by this airy, lovely cocoon prevents him from hitting himself in the face with his flailing little arms. Your baby won’t suddenly wake up, but sleep longer and wake up rested.

Sleeping through the night and feeding?

Is your baby finally sleeping through the night? Take care to feed him enough during the day. Take time and rest for all the feeding moments during the day. This will allow your baby to drink enough, so he doesn’t have to ‘refuel’ at night. Breast feeding is easier to digest than bottle-feeding. Babies who are bottle fed usually sleep through the night a little sooner; digesting bottle-feeding takes a little longer. This means that it will take longer before hunger wakes the baby up.

It’s wonderful if your baby sleeps through the night, allowing you to do the same….But if this is not the care, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong. If you accept this, and remember that easier times are coming, you will get more rest than if you want to change the rhythm at all costs. Adjusting or delaying feed times often has the opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve. The same goes for delaying sleeps during the day or making your baby extra tired. Avoid overtiredness, respond to sleep signals from your child right away, and always try to provide as much rest and predictability as possible.  

The first months were very hard. Then we decided to finally try out your sleeping bag, and it changed everything! That seems impossible, doesn’t it?