Thursday, 27 October 2016

Sleeping & Playing time

The whole Puckababy collection is based on experiences with our own children. Every day, we see that extra comfort, rest and security do them good. Aside from that, all products were designed to be practical. This makes them safer, and furthermore we have a very practical attitude ourselves. And we are always very critical when it comes to quality; because we like to get our money’s worth. These characteristics, and a critical eye for quality and details, can be found everywhere in the Puckababy line. These days we work with an entire sleeping concept, which we use to help babies, toddlers and even preschoolers have peaceful nights.

The Puckababy line, improving the sleep of child from 0 to 7 years old:

The Sleeper | 0-4 m

A multifunctional, portable cradle; perfect as sleeping aid for the moments when your child keeps crying. By cradling the baby in the warm little cocoon, you will help it find comfort and rest soon. When you put the cradle away in a quiet place, your baby won’t startled awake, but keep enjoying a peaceful sleep. The cradle is also ideal for outings, for co-sleeping, to place in the stroller and even take with you on an airplane. With the Sleeper you always have your baby’s familiar cradle within reach!

The Gogo Newborn | 0-7 m

A beautiful baby wrap with ‘legs’ and a belly strap for children from 0 to 7 months. The old-fashioned swaddling adjusted for modern times, with an amazing look. Closed at the bottom, so the legs are always snugly covered. Protects the baby from cold and overstimulation. Provides rest and security when he’s not in bed.

The Original Piep and Mini | 0-6 m

A (swaddling) sleeping bag for the first months, stimulating a peaceful sleeping pattern. The Puckababy is made up of a bag on the outside and a jacket on the inside. It shapes itself around the baby like a protective cocoon. It helps the baby find rest and sleep longer, by restricting his movements. 

The Bag Newborn | 0-6 m

A sleeping bag for babies of 0-6 months old, with the close fit keeping the baby warm. With sleeves and anti-scratch mittens.

The Bag 4 Seasons | 6 m – 2.5 years old

A very practical and complete sleeping bag for babies and toddlers, from 6 months to about 2.5 years old. The 4 Seasons edition can be worn the whole year round, and adjusted in length. The bag has mittens, removable sleeves, and the inside lining is a whole separate sleeping bag. In short; one purchase and you’re done. 

The Bag Kidz | 2.5 - 7 years old

An especially long toddler sleeping bag of 130 cm, that will last for years. Until your child is 7 years old at least! Also adjustable in length, and ultra-soft. Amazing for those little sleepers who feel naked under the covers and get too cold. If it’s too cold your child will wake up again, which makes the nights more restless.