Thursday, 27 October 2016

Sleeping and protection

Babies can be very sweet and sleepy, or very much awake and restless. Especially with restless babies, it’s advisable to keep a good rhythm. Restless babies are characterised by crying, restless sleeping, waking up quickly and being over-active. During the first few week, colic can also occur. Does your baby also have trouble sleeping? Know that this is very common!

It may seem like other people have it very easy, but this is absolutely not always the case! Sleep is a very difficult matter for most parents.

And to be fair; our society and we ourselves are subconsciously so restless, we have so many impressions to process. Sometimes it’s already difficult for us. Let alone for your newborn child. He still has to find a way in this too.

It’s possible that your child finds it hard to process all of those impressions. (Again, this is not strange!). This is then expressed in trouble falling asleep or in the uncontrolled shock movements, referred to as Moro-reflexes.

Because of these shock reflexes, your baby can startled awake or hit himself awake. Your baby will be awake, but far from rested. With all the discontent that comes with it... The sleep and hunger signals will be more vague, and it will be harder for you to respond correctly.

The Puckababy sleeping bag Piep will help. It fits around your baby as a lovely safe cocoon. It offers restriction against the uncontrolled movements, but also leaves space for a healthy development of the body. It’s not too warm, and so simple to use that everyone can do it! With the Puckababy Piep your baby will sleep longer, sleep deeply and wake up rested.

Liz was a very restless baby. She would keep tossing and twisting, flailing her little arms around, and she was clearly not at ease. Our friend advised us to get a Puckababy sleeping bag, and we did. At first it looked strange to us, but what an invention! Liz found rest, relaxed completely and slept through the night right away. Thank you Puckababy! | Daan, 29 years old, dad to daughter Liz