Carry-on cradle and sleep aid

  • Your baby's bed within reach, wherever you go
  • Cradles your baby to sleep quickly
  • The baby will stay asleep
  • Ideal for crying hours
  • Soft and light

Puckababy® Sleeper

0 to 4 months
£ 109,95
  • 2 days delivery time
  • You will receive this item around 20 May.
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Other parents' experiences

"Some time for myself every now and then"
I am not a fan of baby carriers. I know it’s a good way to reassure your child, but I don’t like the thought of walking around with my child all day. I like having some time for myself sometimes, for example to do something in the house. Of course that’s possible with a baby carrier, but I think it’s a lot of hassle. More importantly, I like being able to let Lotte sleep in a peaceful place. We have been using the Sleeper from day 10. She is now 6 weeks old, and we’re very content!
— Lotte's mom

"very satisfied with this purchase!"
Your Sleeper cradle was recommended to me in the shop. To go with our Mutsy stroller. Because as it turns out, a lot of stroller boxes are quite hard. With the cradle fitted into it it’s perfect. We take a lot of walks and I can always be sure that Jan is comfortable and warm. And I also use the Sleeper a lot around the house. Sometimes in the beginning of the evening, when Jan is going through his (half) hour of crying. So I’m very pleased with this purchase!
— Jan's mom

"yes, sooo recognizable"
Yes, so recognizable, that about walking around carrying your baby. Hoping you can calm them down a little. Because sometimes it’s so sad. We have been worrying for a while now too. That’s why I’ve just ordered your Sleeper, so I can try it tomorrow!!! I’ve already heard a lot of good things, so I’m very curious!

"that looked so perfect"
I saw someone with it on the place, and that looked so perfect that I just had to ask that mom about it. When I was home I looked it up, but I thought it was a little expensive for those 4 months. I ordered it anyway, and I haven’t regretted it for a second. It looks very beautiful, and I use it day and night. By now, Leentje is a very easy sleeper, and that is worth a lot!
— Leen's mom

More experiences

No life without sleep

No life without sleep

As a parent you know how important good sleep is for your newborn baby. And for you. But a lot of babies are very sensitive to the many impressions they are suddenly subjected to. This is expressed through crying and trouble falling asleep. The Sleeper makes that big new world smaller, the sense of safety of mommy’s belly is back for a while, and that comforts the baby.

If you hold your child close and rock him gently back and forth, he will soon be asleep in his warm cocoon. Ideal for the infamous crying hours. The cradle has a huge effect on your child, when he’s overtired and seems inconsolable. Your child will be in a world of dreams in no time, where all of those impressions and the commotion can be processed. Read more ›


  • Baby falls asleep quickly
  • Cradles
  • Calms
  • A nice bed everywhere


Pure baby-wellness
Pure baby-wellness

Pure baby wellness

+ Sleeper - Grey
+ Cover Baby - 75 x 100 cm | Cover Baby | Moscow
£ 137,90
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Het beste voor de huilbaby
Het beste voor de huilbaby

Best for crybabies

+ Sleeper - Grey
+ Original Piep - Cotton Jersey - Hong Kong
£ 145,90
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