Thursday, 20 October 2016

Safe sleep

Having a good night’s sleep is very important for your child’s healthy growth and development. As a parent you are aware of this. But sleeping is only good when it’s safe! You may know the main lines, but do take a look at the video and the information. Safety first, after all!

Sleeping position

When you put your child to bed, always put him on his back. This is a national guideline. At a certain point your child will start to move around more, and he may roll over onto his tummy. As long as your baby can’t roll himself back by himself you, you should keep putting him back on his back. When your child is able to turn onto his stomach and back by himself, he can determine his own sleeping position.

Ever since he was born, my son has been sleeping in your sleeping bags. He is six years old now, and still the best of friends with his Bag Kidz

Snug sleeping

Aside from sleeping in a good position, it’s also important that a baby has a nice snug sleep. A sleeping bag with a good fit is ideal. A sleeping bag keeps your little one warm enough, and it will envelope him. If you want to swaddle your baby, you should choose a safe way; not tightly, but airy and easy to apply. Don’t use a duvet during the first years, because that gets much too hot. Never use a loose wrap for sleep time. And never pin your child down in his bed!


Always be alert for warmth, and react right away. Avoid excessive heat accumulation with your baby. Keep the bedroom cool; around 18 degrees is a good temperature. Ventilate the room regularly. Do not put a hat on your baby’s head when he’s in bed. While your baby is asleep, check regularly to make sure he’s not too warm. You do this by feeling his neck. If the skin here feels clammy, you should remove a layer of bedding or clothing. 

Safe sleeping textiles

When you purchase a sleeping bag, please pay extra close attention to the safety and temperature regulation. Choose a sleeping bag made of breathable fabrics, that has been tested on safety, harmful dyes and TOG (warmth). Do not expose your baby’s skin to all kinds of harmful dyes and keep an eye out for breathable materials, such as cotton and Tencel®.  

“A baby’s skin has not developed fully yet. It does not yet have the same functions and defense mechanisms an adult’s skin. That is why it is more exposed to external influences and needs special care and protection. Prof. Dr. Dirk Hoefer