Monday, 24 October 2016

Puckababy®: safe swaddling in warm weather

You can also put your child in swaddling when the weather is hot, but do pay attention to the risks that can come from swaddling in those cases. A tight swaddling method and the use of fabrics that are too thick or not breathable enough increase the chance of heat accumulation significantly. Furthermore, a baby with tightly swaddled arms keeps himself much warmer than usual. And if the temperature increases as well, dangerous situations can be the result.

These risks do not apply to swaddling with the Puckababy. The extremely low TOG values, tested by TÜV, point out that Puckababy is the most airy way of swaddling. Or rather, the most airy alternative to swaddling, seeing as the Puckababy is significantly different. This makes the Puckababy especially suitable for swaddling when the weather is hot. The Puckababy gives your child the restriction it needs to have a good sleep, also when it’s warm. 

We are glad that Bram is still getting enough sleep, even in the middle of summer, thanks to the Puckababy. The heat alone is hard enough for such a little one. It’s so nice that the sleep times are good and safe.

The Puckababy, one of a kind

The patented design makes the Puckababy completely unique.

The Puckababy is not tight, but forms a light and lovely cocoon around the baby. Hij can still move his little arms and legs enough. The elastic belt keeps the baby safely in position. The model Mini, for children of 3 to 6 months old, has little zippers in the sleeves, that are very practical when you are phasing out. After the phasing out stage, the Mini can still be used as a regular sleeping bag.

The extra space on the inside of the swaddling sleeping bag allows the air to circulate, so that the temperature regulates itself better. 

So the model of the Puckababy is airy to begin with. But the materials are also important for safe temperature regulation! The Puckababy is made of the best breathable materials, Öko Tex certified and of course free of harmful dyes.

The Puckababy comes in three versions. The exclusive summer edition is very special; the Puckababy in TENCEL.
The Puckababy in Tencel is 100% natural and only 0.25 TOG.
Tencel has a cooling effect, absorbs moisture, is antibacterial and has a silky soft feel. 
The Puckababy in Tencel is unique, the very best choice for your child when the weather is hot.

Do you have questions about Tencel or warmth? Call, email or chat with Puckababy. Our sleeping experts will be glad to help you with refreshing advice!