"This miracle bag has changed our lives"
"This miracle bag has changed our lives"
Room temperature
20 °C - 27 °C

COTTON is the perfect standard

  • All year round
  • 100% cotton
  • Not tight
  • Not warm

Puckababy® Original Piep

0 to 3 months | 44 - 62 cm | 2.5 - 5.5 kg
£ 35,95
Cotton Jersey
Miffy Candy
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  • You will receive this item around 20 May.
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Other parents' experiences

"Three hours of rest"
Huge fan of the Puckababy. It helped us so much! The only way to get three hours of rest. Because without it she was crying 24/7. Unbelievable, what a difference it made. I’m very grateful to you!
— Eveline's mom, from Geldrop

"It makes our child perfectly calm, and he can still move"
Sometimes you see products... especially that tight swaddling, it looks like putting your baby into a straightjacket. This is certainly not the case with the Puckababy!!! It makes our child perfectly calm, and he can still move!

"The Piep is really perfect"
The Piep is really perfect for Wesley! He flailed his arms around a lot, hit himself in the face while he was sleeping and woke up very upset. So sad! Your sleeping bag keeps everything together, and now he sleeps for hours.
— Wesley's mom

"A good sleep for our children"
Puckababy has given a good sleep to both of our children. After months of looking for a solution to their restless sleeping behaviour. I recommend it to everyone. And the phasing out was also very smooth.

"For us, no night without Puckababy"
Fantastic inventions. Started using them right after the birth. After the Piep we moved on to the Mini, and by now we’re using the big sleeping bag. Our daughter has never had trouble sleeping. So for us, no night without Puckababy!

"Falls asleep right away, and stays asleep for hours"
Meike thinks it’s wonderful, and always surrenders fully to her little Piep. She falls alseep right away, and stays asleep for hours. When she wakes up again, it’s like I’m unwrapping a little present every time. So immensely cute!
— Meike's mom

"It looks so funny"
It works really well, and it looks so funny. We’ve used it twice so far, and the first time was last night. This morning he just didn’t want to wake up! And lovely warm hands after sleeping.

"Worth every penny"
I had some doubts, mostly because of the price. But by now I’ve even bought a second one, in case the other one is in the laundry. Without a sleeping bag our baby is just not sleeping! Worth every penny. Also stays very beautiful in the laundry.

"Ode to Puckababy!"
Ode to Puckababy! This just has to be said! Such wonderful products, and good customer service. I was just completely lost, and you have given me such great help, with a sympathetic ear and good advice. And of course with your lovely sleeping bag. Thank you thank you thank you!

"The pediatrician recommended Puckababy to us"
We were at our wit’s end, and we didn’t know what to do anymore. A lot of sadness and crying, and no sleep at all. The pediatrician recommended the Puckababy to us. When we came home we ordered it right away, and it was delivered the next day. We didn’t wash it (wasn’t necessary) and we put it on right away. Little Bart had an uneasy look on his face at first, but it wasn’t long before he became very calm. And sure enough, it was the first time he slept for no less than 2.5 hours. After that, everything was well. What a lifesaver for him, and us, pfff...
— Bart's mom

"The Piep was allowed, and it works perfectly"
Our little one couldn’t be swaddled, because of the breech birth. She was born too early, still very small, and she really needed that sense of safety. Fortunately, the Piep was allowed, and it works perfectly! Enough space on the inside, and she’s no longer keeping herself awake with her little arms and hands. It’s ideal, I’m so pleased with it!!

"She's finally sleeeeeeping!"
We are using these sleeping bags to swaddle Sien now, and what a big help they are. She’s sleeeeeping!!! And peacefully too. It felt a little funny to see her in the bag at first, but then it makes her so calm and allows her to have a lovely sleep, so what does that matter?
— Sien's mom

"At the crèche"
Our little one can’t go without it anymore. As soon as I put him in it, he knows it’s time to sleep, and when I put him to bed he does! This works exactly the same way at the crèche. So everyone is really happy with it!

"The product was almost magical"
Our babies cried a lot during the first months. But the Puckababy was almost magical! We have used both Piep and Mini, and praised the inventor endlessly! So I can really recommend them to everyone. All of my friends have had positive experiences too.

"more than worth it"
The Puckababy is a lovely soft sleeping bag, beautifully finished. It costs a bit of money, but it’s more than worth it. Amazing!

"The best invention ever"
Best invention ever. My 9 weeks old daughter has been sleeping in the Piep from day 1 (she has honestly been sleeping through the nights for 5 weeks already!) and my little son of 2 also made intensive use of the Piep and Mini. I really recommend it to everyone.

"My friends swear by it too"
Our lifesaver, as it turned out. Everyone should have this in their collection of baby gear.

"A great purchase!"
A great purchase! In my belly he never kept still, so in bed he doesn’t either. He has slept in a perfect little sleeping bag from the start!

"At the hospital they used your products"
After the birth, our twins were very restless and upset. In the end they even had to go to the hospital. They used your products too there. And the effect was amazing. Of course our purchases were waiting for us when we came home, and it’s been going a lot better ever since.

"At our wit's end"
At our wit’s end. Really, he cried all day long. And at night too. I couldn’t handle it anymore. My midwife recommended your Piep sleeping bag. And yes... the fight was over. There was a very short period of adjustment, but soon Jesse started sleeping well. And by now, everything is okay. I’m so relieved. I just wanted to say THANK YOU!
— Jesse's mom

"I would recommend it through everyone"
Really such a lovely product. Our son has used it from the 2nd day, and afterwards he used the Mini too. All this time he’s been sleeping peacefully. I would recommend it to everyone who has a baby that is restless or sleeps badly
— Finn's mom

"Our lifesavers"
The swaddling sleeping bags from Puckababy. We call them "our lifesavers"!!! We were really at the end of our tether, we didn’t know what to do anymore. But we do now, fortunately. Puckababy "rules"!

More experiences

Offers the solution for

Offers the solution for

Crying a lot

Shock movements

Restless sleep

No life without sleep

No life without sleep

Every parent knows how important a good sleep is for the development of their child. But once the baby is born, for many this turns out to be a difficult thing to accomplish. And it won’t be long until they themselves are worn out, from worries and broken nights.



The swaddling sleeping bag from Puckababy® is the ideal solution when you have a restless baby who cries a lot, has trouble falling asleep and wakes up quickly. Swaddling can help then, but in most cases it’s not needed. Doctors who discourage tight swaddling, do recommend the swaddling sleeping bag from Puckababy®. The sleeping bag fits around the baby as a lovely, sweet cocoon. It does offer that sense of safety that the baby needs in order to sleep well, but it’s not too tight, and it regulates warmth. This is not such a big step for parents. It looks beautiful, and it’s easy to phase out. Read more ›

Original Piep

  • Not tight
  • Not warm
  • Baby falls asleep quickly
  • Baby sleeps through for a long time
  • Phases out quickly


1 + 1 voor in de was
1 + 1 voor in de was

1 + 1 for the wash

+ Original Piep - Cotton Jersey - Miffy Candy
+ Original Piep - Cotton Jersey - Miffy Candy
£ 71,90
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Met het maatje groter
Met het maatje groter

With the successor

+ Original Piep - Cotton Jersey - Miffy Candy
+ Original Mini - Cotton Jersey - New York
£ 80,90
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Overal goed slapen
Overal goed slapen

Sleep well everywhere

+ Original Piep - Cotton Jersey - Miffy Candy
+ Sleeper - Grey
£ 145,90
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