Tuesday, 25 October 2016

How it started...

Sometimes it seems unreal how popular Puckababy in such a short time. The idea that we have already been able to help so many parents and their little ones, is a very special one. I would like to use this platform to personally express my gratitude to the lovely Puckababy team, the doctors and all the shopkeepers we work so closely with. Above all, an extra warm thank you to all of those new parents who have put their trust in Puckababy.

It all started with the Puckababy Piep. The idea is a simple one, but very effective: a small sleeping bag that helps babies find security and peace. The protective cocoon inspires trust; the baby recognizes the comfort and the security from all of these months in mom’s belly. The restriction also prevents the little one from hitting himself awake with his uncontrolled reflex movements. These are a result of the baby having difficulty processing all the impressions. 

If we think about it, it’s not very strange that this restlessness is more and more common. There’s so much for these little ones to deal with...!

The responses to our Puckababy were overwhelming and heartwarming. Puckababy was received with open arms, by both doctors and new parents. They were so excited about the results, that they went ahead and shared their experiences with peers, fellow doctors and with us. It wasn’t long until there was a demand for more products. The collection was expanded, and Puckababy became the beloved brand we are so proud of. Sandra Bottram-de Louwere, owner of Puckababy and author of the Puckabook;

I wrote the Puckabook as a tribute to all of those daddies and mommies and their faith in Puckababy. From the many questions that our customer service receives daily, we know that some moments of uncertainty do occur. So I truly hope that this information will contribute to a beautiful time full of love, security and above all enjoyment of each other.