Thursday, 27 October 2016

Enjoy & think about yourself

You suddenly have a new life, all revolving around that little miraculous creature born into your new family. That is beautiful, special and intense! It will bring up feelings in your and your partner that you didn’t know you had. From now on, you will share the love for your child.

At the same time, you are in the middle of your ‘maternity time’; also a very special thing! A couple of tips for your maternity time:

- Surrender to the care of the people around you. Enjoy their help, just let yourself be pampered; now is the time!!!
- Eat healthy and drink plenty.
- Have a nap every afternoon. You’re still recovering, and naps will give you some extra rest, in case the nights are restless. Let your partner do the honours from time to time.
- Take it easy with visitors. Commotion can cause a lot of unrest, both with your baby and yourself. Decide for yourself who can come over, and when it suits you. Dare to say ‘no’...
- First and foremost, maternity care is there to help you and your baby. Don’t hesitate to ask others to help out with domestic responsibilities.

After a rather messy maternity time (something I’ll handle very differently next time), I was suddenly on my own during the day. I even panicked sometimes, and was very happy when my husband returned in the evening. But now, several weeks later, I am much more ‘on top of things’. I still don’t manage to do a lot, but I just leave it like that. And it’s very peculiar; since I have resigned myself to this, everything seems to be a lot easier. | Nicole, 34 years, Cas’ mom

As soon as maternity care is gone and your partner has gone back to work, you will be on your own. This might be scary and uncomfortable, especially in the beginning, but you will find your way. Do not hesitate to ask others for help. The people around you also know that a helping hand can be very nice! Recharge your energy every now and then, while your baby is asleep, and get an hour of rest yourself.

Try to pick up the threads of your life again and allow yourself time to get used to this new life. As soon as you have recovered enough, you should go spend some time outside with your child; a walk in the fresh air will do you both good.

And of course; everyone is allowed to see what a proud mother you are. And they should!