Thursday, 27 October 2016


Crying is normal for babies. From 'day 1',  try to let go of the association with 'sadness'. Crying is the only way for babies to communicate, itís the only language they speak. Try to look at your baby carefully. What is going on around the baby at the moment? Has he been fed and was his diaper changed recently? Has it all been too much? Could it be time for a nap? Try to work with a process of elimination.

Also follow your mother instincts; if the baby keeps crying and you really feel like there is more going on, contact your GP, midwife or your maternity consultation clinic doctor. They will help you further, or ease your worries.

But again, try to avoid excessive crying by putting your baby to bed in time. Donít wait until your child is so tired that he starts to cry, or is completely upset when you put him in bed.

Do not immediately start thinking of your baby as a cry-baby. Some children just need to cry for a while before they fall asleep; this is also a way of processing things. However, donít let it go so far that your baby becomes upset.