"One sleeping bag, and you have it all"
"One sleeping bag, and you have it all"

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4 seasons:
4 seasons:

Puckababy® Bag 4 Seasons

6 months to 2.5 years | 100 cm
£ 107,95
4-in-1 systeem:
2.5 tog 2.0 tog 0.5 tog 0.25 tog
  • Outer bag made of 100% cotton
  • Inside made of 50% teddy and 50% cotton
  • With sleeves and mittens
  • From 6 months to 2.5 years
  • Suitable for any season in a flash
Miffy Classic
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  • You will receive this item around 20 May.
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Other parents' experiences

"Present for our granddaughter"
It was a present for our granddaughter. And she’s sleeping so comfortably in it, it’s making our daughter very happy. The sleeves are a little long, she’s 6 months old now, so the "mittens" are not being used yet. When she was sleeping under a blanket, she would be completely uncovered in the morning because she’d kicked the blanket away. Now she’s still warm every morning, and she can grow into her sleeping bag. It’s so great that you can use it the whole year round. Fantastic product.

"despise the throwaway society"
I despise the throwaway society we live in. And all of that cheap rubbish you can buy anywhere. Even baby sleeping bags. But this is about babies and sleep, which means safety is important!!! You hear so much about those hazardous substances and made in China products. I’m very happy I found Puckababy. I can use one sleeping bag for years, and I don’t have to worry. I can respond to the weather outside, and my child’s needs, and I know you make responsible products, and always subject your materials to thorough testing. The customer service told me a lot about this over the phone. So I’m very happy with your company. My compliments!

"yes, dear girls, you were absolutely right!"
All of my friends were just ecstatic about this great sleeping bag, but I didn’t know what they were on about. I thought they were exaggerating. I was really not convinced of the difference with all the other bags that you can buy everywhere. By now I have changed my mind about this completely. You really just ‘get your money’s worth’. Amazing quality, it can be transformed into a different sleeping bag every time, which means you don’t have to buy all kinds of cheap versions anymore. I’ve been using it for 5 months now, and I can definitely keep using it for another years and a half. I often have to wash it because of my sprout’s little accidents, but it still looks very beautiful. And oh yes, she’s sleeping very well in it. So yes, dear girls, you were absolutely right!

"just ordered a second one"
We are so happy with this sleeping bag, that I’ve just ordered another one for the times the one we have has to go in the washing machine. Yes, they cost a lot, but it’s still cheaper than constantly having to buy bigger sizes of Hema/Prenatal sleeping bags for different seasons.

More experiences

Sleeping safely for years with this single sleeping bag

Sleeping safely for years with this single sleeping bag

PUCKABABY® BAG 4 SEASONS is the best sleeping bag to help your child sleep well for years. The soft materials and the narrow fit are very pleasant. The extra sense of security comforts your child, and will allow him to sleep longer. The sleeping bag can be used for about 2 years, day and night, because of its adjustable length. In a flash, you can turn it into a sleeping bag for the winter, autumn, spring and summer. You will have the safest and most comfortable sleeping bag for every weather type. This way you can make sure that your child isn’t too cold or hot while sleeping. One single purchase will ensure good and safe sleeps for years.



If your child misses protection and warmth he will be restless. The Bag 4 Seasons is a sleeping bag that fits around the little body very well, and it even has mittens for cold fists. The narrow fit and soft materials will make sure your little one doesn’t feel uncomfortable and lost in his bed. This sleeping bag makes falling asleep easier, and the rest will stay longer. Your child won’t feel naked, and rolling over isn’t as easy. The extra sense of security provided by the Bag 4 Seasons, stimulates the deep sleep. Your child will sleep longer, and will wake up rested. Read more ›

Bag 4 Seasons

  • 4 sleeping bags in 1
  • Adjustable length
  • Years of sleeping pleasure
  • Luxury production
  • Safe sleeping, always