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"her favourite sleeping bag doesn't have to be washed so often"
Hey, so clever of you. I’ve never really looked at it like this before. It really isn’t fun when Roos has to miss her Puckababy sleeping bag. In those cases things really are completely different, unbelievable. I will be trying this one out (just ordered!) and hope that her favourite sleeping bag won’t have to be washed as often!

"very satisfied"
I found this bodysuit against leakage via Facebook. I ordered one, and was very satisfied with it. So I ordered a few more. I ordered those a size bigger, because the fit is not very big. And because the lower part doesn’t really yield, a size bigger makes getting my child dressed easier. I’m very pleased, in any case.

"It does bring peace of mind"
We were already fans, and we had everything of yours, or so we thought.....Until you released this bodysuit. I had to have it too. The biggest size still fit, if only just. Works very well! During the day as well, when Thijs has to be out a little longer and I’m not sure if it’s all going to go well, the bodysuit will go on. It does bring peace of mind.

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Sleeping badly because of diaper accidents

Sleeping badly because of diaper accidents

Your child needs to get enough sleep. The warmth and sense of safety provided by all Puckababy® sleep aids help with that. For a good sleep rhythm, recognition and familiarity also play an important part. Recognizing the familiar sleeping bag reassures the little one and works as a signal; he will know that it’s sleep time. A lot of children are very attached to their familiar sleeping bag, and don’t take very well to change. Like another sleeping bag, when the familiar sleeping bag has to go in the washing machine.

Another cause of a disrupted sleep, is the diaper leaking through. Too much pee and poop causing diaper accidents is a very familiar phenomenon to among many parents. The cold and the unpleasant feeling wake your child up, without it being rested. And to make it worse, the sleeping bag has to be washed once again. During the next sleep, your child will have to go without his familiar sleeping bag, which will making sleeping harder. Read more ›

Anti-leak Bodysuit

  • Stimulates sleeping through
  • Anti-leakage section consists of 3 layers
  • Terry cloth + PU + Cotton
  • Prevents leakage
  • Protects textile